Armchem International Infrared Body Temperature Wrist & Forehead Scanner - BV-T0011 at Sanitizers Plus

Infrared Body Temperature Wrist & Forehead Scanner

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    Infrared Body Temperature Wrist & Forehead Scanner - BV-T0011
    Do you need a thermometer at your front door or entrance? This wall mounted scanner makes it easy and convenient to monitor employees or visitors entering your business without having to use a handheld thermometer.
    The Belgian infrared induction thermopile detector chip and signal processing dedicated integrated chip are used for automatic measurement, accurate calculation, rich clinical medical data built-in, and can be adjusted according to the ambient temperature. The measurement results reflect the human body's true body temperature resulting in accurate measurement every time!

    Another great feature is customized high and low temperature alarm; You can easily set high and low temperature alarm via a Power outlet Speaker Temperature indicator.
    The display conversion allows a choice of Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature; You can choose to display Celsius or Fahrenheit.
    The scanner is very easy to install and use. The forehead is aligned with the thermometer probe, and the temperature measurement indicator lights up when the target enters measurement distance range, and the result is obtained without any contact or cross contamination.
    When normal or excessive body temperature is detected, the instrument will automatically light up and issue different alarm sounds respectively.
    • Accurate measurement ±0.2°C
    • Customized high and low temperature alarm
    • Display conversion of Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature
    • Easy to install and use
    • Non-contact and no cross infection
    • Sound and light alarm
    • Restore factory settings and power on self-test
    • Data output (optional)
    • Type: Infrared
    • Measurement Time: 0.5 second
    • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.2°C
    • Temperature Range: Body temperature measurement range, 32°C – 42.5°C, Body surface measurement range 0°C - 100°C
    • Power: Wide voltage 5V-12V DC
    • Power Consumption: About 1W
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Brand: ArmChem International
Product Type: Temperature Scanner

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